Requirements for registering to vote

You can enroll as a Voter if you:

  • are an Indian citizen
  • have attained the age of 18 years on the qualifying date i.e. 1st of January of the year of revision of electoral roll
  • are ordinarily resident of the part/polling area of the constituency where you want to be enrolled.
  • are not disqualified to be enrolled as an elector

How To Register Offline

  • You can also enroll offline. Fill Form 6 in two copies . Form 6 is also available free of cost in offices of Electoral Registration Officers / Assistant Electoral Registration Officers and Booth Level Officers
  • The application accompanied by copies of the relevant documents can be filed in person before the concerned Electoral Registration Officer / Assistant Electoral Registration Officer or sent by post addressed to him or can be handed over to the Booth Level Officer of your polling area
  • Call 1950 for any help

Resources for Voters

Election Commission of India provides timely and useful information to voters, who deserve accessible, accurate and secure elections.

How To Register to Vote

  1. General Voter - Any Indian citizen residing within the country, who has attained the age of 18, can enroll himself/herself as General Voter
  2. Fill Form 6 online at https://www.nvsp.in/. Copies of necessary documents should also be uploaded.

How to check if you are registered to vote?

Visit https://electoralsearch.in/ to see your if you are registered to vote. If your name appears in the list, you are eligible to vote, otherwise, you need to register at https://www.nvsp.in/